Bequests and Giving

What a bequest to Anam Cara House will do?

Anam Cara House Colac receives no recurrent government funding and relies on the generosity of community donors and philanthropic trusts and grants. Every dollar received goes towards ensuring we continue to provide the best possible day care and final days care to our guests, support for their families and carers, and for the betterment of the communities of South West Victoria.

Your Will

Making sure your Will is up to date and considers all those you love is very important and will give you peace of mind. Nobody likes to think about death and dying, but at Anam Cara House Colac this is something we think about and provide care for every day. Including Anam Cara House Colac in your Will after you have taken care of your family and loved ones, is a wonderful way to help us continue our work.

How to leave a bequest to Anam Cara Colac

There are many ways you can help Anam Cara House Colac through your Will.

  • A specific amount of money may be left to Anam Cara House Colac
  • All or part of your residual estate is bequested to Anam Cara House Colac after you have considered your family and friends
  • You may leave particular assets to Anam Cara House Colac such as property, shares, life insurance policy or any other item of value such as art work
  • You may make a bequest through a perpetual trust that will continue to provide ongoing support

The most important thing is to talk to your family and loved ones about the decisions you make, and to seek legal advice to ensure your estate planning is in order and your Will is legally valid.

A bequest to Anam Cara House Colac is a lasting gift for the communities of South West Victoria.