Anam Cara House Colac – A Quality Improvement Council (QIC) accredited organisation

Being a QIC accredited organisation is a huge step in the right direction for Anam Cara House Colac. We were absolutely thrilled when the news was given to us earlier this year. A two-day assessment was conducted on site in December 2015 according to the requirements of the Quality Improvement Council (QIC), Health and Community Standards and the Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) Accreditation Program.

QIP is Australia’s most comprehensive not-for-profit accreditation and certification organisation. There are 18 standards which are measured again QIC Standards, and cover organisational risk, asset & HR management. We are pleased to announce that Anam Cara House Colac met all of the required 18 standards.

The 18 QIC standards are tested on 3 Core Sections:

  1. Building quality organisations with QIP noting, ‘Strong, visionary leadership has enabled the development and growth of ACHC. The CoM, staff and volunteers are committed to the mission and values of the organisation and the unique suite of services delivered to the community’.
  2. Providing quality services and programs with QIP noting, ‘Services are provided in a welcoming and home-like environment. There is a strong emphasis on person-centred, flexible care and support where staff and volunteers work as a team to provide the care that guests and family have identified and planned for’.
  3. Sustaining quality external relationships with QIP noting, ‘Anam Cara House Colac’s key partners are the Colac community and the Melbourne Foundation Committee; both provide ongoing financial support for the organisation. The organisation is continuing to build partnerships locally and in the South West of Victoria as the wider community becomes more aware of the facility and the demand for their services increases’.

Our accreditation success is testament to the commitment and passion of our team.

A big thank you and congratulations to Karen Eccles, Hospice Manager who lead the process, ably assisted by Sue Gregory, Committee of Management members, staff and volunteers. What an amazing team effort!

Best practice guest care is our priority and we are committed to continuous quality improvement over the next 3 years while this initial assessment remains current. We look forward to being assessed again in December 2018.