Cattle Club

The “Cattle Club” was established in November 2011 and was an initiative from some of our committed rural supporters who wished to contribute to the running costs of Anam Cara House.
Currently Angus and Charolois cattle are grown out on a beautiful 210 acre property at Gellibrand, the use of which has been kindly donated to ACH by the Richmond family of Little River.

Your Anam Cara House Cattle Club Membership:

  • Is fully tax deductible and can be syndicated to up to 3 members
  • Adds one cow (with calf at foot) to the Anam Cara House herd and includes the ongoing husbandry
  • Enables your attendance and involvement at the Annual Muster in October
  • Gives you an excuse to spend the day in the country at Gellibrand to inspect the cattle and enjoy the hospitality of the Gellibrand community
  • Gives you free range to visit the property. Feel free to chip thistles, tighten fences, spray blackberries or simply enjoy the tranquil setting (just please leave the gates as you found them)

Your membership will enable our current members to continue to achieve their goal of funding our Nurse Manager’s salary each year.

Join us for a lot of fun!

Contact Phil Harris 0419 332 267 for further information.